Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indiana Senate and Facebook

Two announcements:

1) I have put up a new poll on the Indiana Senate race. The Republican Party primary there is May 4th, featuring frontrunners Dan Coats, John Hostettler and Marlin Stutzman. In addition, there are two other tea parties, prominent Democrat Representative Brad Ellsworth, and a Libertarian in the race. Vote and let your voice be heard!

2) The Liberty Ticker now has a fan page on Facebook. Please go here to give it some support!


  1. Marlin Stutzman is the man for the job! He will bring authentic, conservative leadership to Washington. His 8 yr. experience in the House and Senate here in Indiana sets him apart from his candidates. He has experience, but has not been tainted by the big-government/career politcs mentality in Wachington D.C. He will best represent Hoosiers by fighting for what is important to us and by reminding the federal government that many decisons can and should be made at the state level, not mandated from Washington. He will stand for the consitution and will fight to see that America is not changed, but that D.C. is changed. This cannot happen without a change in leadership - Marlin Stutzman is the kind of leader we need in Washington!

  2. Are you sure Marlin is the man for the job?

  3. John Hostettler is the man for the job. He filters all question os policy through the Contitution. He is not a lawyer. He has worked in the business world. I believe he will be a great senator.

  4. John Hostettler is a true statesman who is guided by God and the Constitution. He is experienced in dealing with career politicians and will not be bullied by peer pressure, as is evidenced by his very unpopular vote against going to war in Iraq. Once the war began, he voted for funding so that our troops would have the best combat equipment possible.

    NOT Anonymous,
    Carol A. Robinson, M.Ed.