Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome to The Liberty Ticker!

Howdy folks! I am starting up this blog for two reasons.

1) There needs to be a comprehensive source to keep track of all the libertarian or Ron Paulite candidates that have recently exploded onto the political scene.

Many political updates either don't cover these candidates enough (like the Cook Poltical Report), or they have a progressive focus (Swing State Project comes to mind). That is not to say that these sites don't serve a useful function or are corrupt; instead, this is simply to offer another viewpoint and go a little bit more thorough in a particular direction.

I hope this service will allow the libertarian-leaners to prioritize who they support. This is basically a news outlet; judge what I post as you may.

NOTE: Coverage of candidates does not equal an endorsement.

2) I do have my own opinions. So I will engage in a bit of editorializing to vent my beliefs every now and then. However, the focus will be on election or political happenings in most cases.

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