Friday, March 19, 2010

The Ticker, 3/19/10

We’re mostly hitting some of the more prominent campaigns in this first edition of The Liberty Ticker. As we move along, I’ll be profiling less well-known campaigns that still have a good shot at electoral significance. Until then, catch up with some of these campaigns.


Still A Chance (Adam Kokesh, R-NM-03)

Adam Kokesh, the antiwar Republican activist, recently attained 19.5% support at the controversial New Mexico GOP endorsements convention. The vote taken here was significant, as candidates who polled 20% or more will have to gather fewer signatures to make the primary ballot than their less fortunate counterparts. However, it is likely the continued effort by the New Mexico Republican Party to keep Kokesh off the ballot is illegal, as it just so happens a Democrat had a similar situation at his party’s convention and unveiled an obscure rounding law which indicates the party must round the result UP to 20. More will come on this drama, as the Kokesh camp has until March 23rd to turn in their signatures.

In other Kokesh news, the British newspaper The Guardian has an excellent rebuttal of Michelle Malkin’s recent attempts to smear Adam Kokesh.

It’s a start! (John Anderson, L-OH-07)

Richard Winger at ballot-access news reports that John Anderson, an Ohio Libertarian, will invest $100,000 of his own money in a campaign for the US House. This is a fairly substantial sum for any House campaign, and does not include contributions from other individuals. The incumbent, Republican Steven Austria, was first elected in 2008. Anderson’s website will be coming this month.


Finally! (Peter Schiff, R-CT)

Investment guru Peter Schiff, famed on Youtube for predicting the economic crisis, has finally begun advertising. The campaign recently released an ad touting Schiff’s economic experience and his status as an “outsider” to Washington.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll has Schiff at 9% in the primary right now, behind WWE executive Linda McMahon with 44% and former US Representative Rob Simmons with 34%. However, Schiff also had low name recognition (the impetus for advertising), making him a wildcard in the race.

Break away(Rand Paul, R-KY)

The open seat race for Jim Bunning’s Senate seat continues to heat up. Currently, the Republicans are caught in a close primary between Rand Paul, founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United and son of US Representative Ron Paul, and Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson.
However, Paul’s support now appears to be surging. He leads Grayson by a 12 point margin in the most recent polling conducted on the race, and both Democrats by margins of between 6 and 9 points. The lead, reinforced by a previous SurveyUSA poll, has forced Trey Graysonto begin running a negative ad campaign and caused rumbles in the Republican establishment.


Rumbles in Georgia (Ray Mcberry, R-GA)

Ray McBerry’s campaign to be governor of Georgia hasn’t had smooth sailing lately. Accusations of misconduct with a minor, an affair with a campaign manager, and refusal to salute the American flag have been thrown at McBerry. The candidate responded to all of the criticism here (essentially, he denies the first two charges and qualifies the third, saluting the American flag). Nevertheless, this doesn’t bode well for the campaign, which recent polling pegs at 2% in the Republican primary.


It’s only just begun (Gary Johnson, R-NM)
Former Governor Gary Johnson has been testing the waters for a Republican Presidential run in 2012. He recently appeared on Bill Maher. In addition, Johnson has been touring battleground states with his Our America PAC, including Michigan and Missouri. Johnson is well-known for his outspoken opposition to the Drug War and fiscal conservatism. Most announcements of "exploring a bid for President" will be coming during summer or late next year.

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